Progressive Reflex - Training & Workshops

aor cpd approved

NV Reflex

These workshops are available as –

7 Hour CPD opportunity (14 for AOR members)

  • See BOOK ONLINE tab for dates and locations
  • Times: 9.30 Registration until 5.00
  • Includes: Handouts
  • Price: £95.00  (salt lamp / crystals to suit your personal requirements will be available to purchase on the day.)

In Kinesiology the NV points on the head are linked with muscles, organs, meridians and the five elements.  They can be found on the feet and hands and used to balance a person, as well as help various situations.

During the workshop attendees will:

  • Learn how to use the NV points on the:
    • Head
    • Feet
    • Hands
  • Learn which organs link to each NV point
  • Learn which muscle links to each NV point
  • Learn routines for holding these points to benefit various situations
  • Learn the influence of the Five Elements on the organs and muscles
  • Learn benefits of Himalayan salt and its use within NV Reflex
  • Experience what it feels like to hold these points
  • Experience these points being held whilst using Himalayan salt lamps




angela & feet2

Ocean Spa Foot Therapy

Dates:  TBA

Location: Great Yeldham, Essex

Time: 9.30 to start promptly at 10am – 3 pm

Number of Places Available: Up to 6 each day

Includes: Refreshments and Handouts – Please bring your own lunch

Price: £50.00

Dathan Berry of Ocean Spa (  and Angela Wells, originator of Progressive Reflex have developed this foot treatment using SolRox products together with their knowledge and experience.

Would you enjoy an interactive workshop to benefit your feet and subsequently your whole body?

Our feet and hands contain reflexes that mirror our bodies, so by treating your feet you will treat yourself.

These workshops can be a CPD opportunity for qualified therapist,

Dathan Berry of Ocean Spa designed these easy to use products from ancient oceans, all are hand made from the finest quality Halite (Crystalline Sea Salt) and are ethically and environmentally sourced.

You will:


  • Foot Soak
  • Foot Scrub
  • Ocean Spa Foot Lamp

Whilst Learning:

  • History and benefits of Himalayan Salt Products
  • About SolRox products
  • How to offer a therapeutic treatment with this knowledge and skill set

“SolRox Ocean Spa Therapy Healing Crystals for rejuvenating tired joints and muscles, repairing wear & tear, damage, injury & a host of health benefits. From head to feet, you can heal and help a multitude of health issues.

There will be an opportunity to purchase products used during the workshop – but please be assured that you are under no obligation to buy